be out-standing


seifuori started from an idea of ​​Marco Malaspina and Marco Crovetto friends with a great passion for sport and outdoor activities. Along the way, Andrea Bassa and Enrico D’Angelo joined the team with great enthusiasm. Our philosophy is to turn this passion into our business and allow people to share the same emotions and outdoor experiences that united us.

Around this concept we have decided to create a professional environment in terms of sports equipment and staff. At seifuori, you will find a team full of energy and enthusiasm ready to share it with you.

Our goal is to take you where we love to be: out. Liguria is a unique territory with mild climate where you can carry out outdoor activities all year round. At seifuori you will live unique experiences of sport, fun, emotions at 360 °.

We are out practically every day, and every time it is a new adventure!!! We love to conquer the beauty of Liguria with a little effort, using bikes and professional equipment that fits sportsmen and amateurs.

Liguria it’s not only unique for the beauty of its landscape but also for the amazing variety of gastronomical food. Our tours will include a stop over traditional food shops, where we will taste traditional gourmet dishes while viewing the beautiful coastline.

Among our partners you will find: HOTELS, personally selected by the team seifuori, GYM & SWIMMING POOLS, for indoor activities in case of bad weather. Last but not least, our bikes are branded OLMO, a historic Ligurian company, producer of high quality bicycles, which allows us to try cutting-edge equipment and to ride many km together. Let’s not forget the LOCAL AUTHORITIES with which we share the love for our Region that we do support in many local initiatives and fairs. We look forward to having you among seifuori’s friends.

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