The Slate Route by E-bike: Discovering Black Gold


The Slate Route by E-bike, which will take us to discover black gold, is located in the heart of the Levante Ligure. It winds through the municipalities of Lavagna and Cogorno, historically linked to the extraction and processing of slate.

This material, also known as the “black gold” of Liguria, has played a fundamental role in the local history and economy. The route, which stretches for about 22 kilometers, is a succession of dirt roads and trails that pass through ancient villages, abandoned quarries, and unspoiled rural landscapes. The itinerary is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in nature without sacrificing the comfort of assisted pedaling, making the experience accessible to everyone, thanks to our high-performance e-bikes.

Our journey will start from the promenade of Chiavari, then climb the first hills, where we can enjoy a breathtaking view! From here, following the Slate Route, we will descend to the town of Carasco, and then join the Entella Cycle Path, leading us into a wonderful bamboo forest.

The next stop will be at San Salvatore di Cogorno, known for the splendid Basilica dei Fieschi, a magnificent example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture. Before returning to Lavagna, we will enjoy a spectacular view.

Finally, we will enter the wildlife oasis of the Entella River, a truly unique and very evocative place where it will be possible to see various species of birds!

Departure for the Slate Route by E-bike Tour and meeting time:

9:30 AM from Chiavari station (duration: 3 hours)

Please note:

  • Spots are limited to make the excursion more exclusive.
  • Are you alone and want to join the tour? Contact us.
  • The excursion requires minimal knowledge of how to ride an electric bike. For all other info, see the Terms & Conditions.

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