1. seifuori SRL (hereinafter referred to as the “Lessor”) delivers the bicycle in good condition to the lessee (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”). By taking delivery of the bicycle, the Customer acknowledges that it is in a good state of maintenance and suitable for the agreed use. The duration of the rental and the relative rate will be agreed between the Lessor and the Customer when the bicycle is collected.
  2. The bicycle is to be used only as a means of transport and is to be treated with attention, common sense and diligence; The user must use the vehicle in order to avoid damage, both to the same and to the related accessories.
  3. The bicycle must be returned in accordance with the timetables communicated and / or posted at the rental point, at the seifuori or affiliated structure. The Customer may request the Lessor to deliver the bicycle to another location other than the main one; in this case the Lessor reserves the right to request the customer to increase the rental price, by way of transport costs.
  4. To obtain the rental of a bicycle, the Customer must present a valid identity document to the Lessor.
  5. the customer must comply with the rules of the “Codice della Strada”, rules that he claims to know. The Lessor declines all responsibility for failure to comply with the rules of the “Codice della Strada” and in case of improper use of the vehicle and / or parts of it.
  6. The use of the bicycle is reserved for adults unless the minor is accompanied by an adult who assumes responsibility in writing by signing the indemnity provided by the lessor.
  7. The Lessor may refuse the rental of the bicycle to persons not deemed capable of driving it (in accordance with articles 186 and 187 of the “Codice della Strada”) or for other reasons and in any case at the unquestionable judgment of the Lessor himself.
  8. Customer obligations. The customer undertakes:
    1. to drive the vehicle and to keep it together with the accessories, diligently and in compliance with all legal provisions;
    2. to comply with the conditions of use of the vehicle delivered together with the bicycle;
    3. to proceed with the oblation of any contravention incurred during the lease;
    4. to reimburse the Lessor from any claim made by third parties for damages suffered. Any damage caused to the vehicle will be compensated by the Customer to the Lessor;
    5. to return the vehicle in the same conditions in which it received it, with all the equipment, safeguarding the efficiency of the vehicle itself. The rented vehicle will be used by the customer to what is strictly provided for in these general rental conditions and due diligence will be used (art.1001 cc);
    6. not to make any changes to the rented vehicle.

      The Customer acknowledges that he does not own any real rights on the vehicle and therefore cannot dispose of it even as a pledge.

  9. The Customer is obliged to pay the entire agreed amount at the time of collection, including any transport costs. The value will be established by referring to the rental price list. Payment can be made by cash and / or credit card. The Lessor, in case of default by the Customer, will subtract the amount due from the credit card used at the time of booking.
  10. The Customer undertakes not to drive or use the vehicle and not to tolerate that others drive or use it, unless expressly indicated, in the following ways:
    1. a) to push or tow objects;
    2. b) under the influence of drugs, narcotics, alcohol or intoxicants;
    3. c) in races, competitions or speed tests;
    4. d) for purposes contrary to the law.

      The Customer assumes his own responsibility in addition to those of the persons whose information he has provided and to whom he has entrusted the means. Any damages caused by failure to comply with the listed clauses are therefore charged to the Customer.

  11. In the event of an accident, the Customer undertakes to:
    1. a) immediately inform the Lessor as per the conditions of use communicated simultaneously with the delivery of the bicycle;
    2. b) provide the Lessor with any useful information;
    3. c) follow the instructions that the Lessor will provide regarding the safekeeping or repairs of the vehicle.

      The Customer also undertakes to reimburse the damages of the rented vehicle. When the accident is with full responsibility or to be claimed by third parties, the customer must take care of providing data and elements suitable for the reconstruction of the accident.

  12. The Customer undertakes to compensate the Lessor for any damage, partial or total, or theft, for any reason occurred to the bicycle, having as reference the purchase value (new) of the vehicle by the Lessor. The customer’s responsibility refers to the agreed rental period and for reasons not directly attributable to him. The value of the quantified damage or theft will be charged to the Customer who will have to immediately pay the claim.
  13. Failure to return the bicycle without prior notification and motivated by exceptional cases will be considered theft and therefore reported to the Judicial Authority.
  14. Any event, damage or injury resulting from the movement and use of the bicycle is attributable only to the driver user. The customer is therefore responsible for damage caused during use of the vehicle to himself, to third parties, to things and to the bicycle. No form of compensation can be requested from the Lessor.
  15. In the case of damage and / or breakages caused to the rented vehicle, punctures excluded, the Customer will have to pay the damages caused which will be quantified by the manager when the vehicle is returned.
  16. The Customer undertakes to return the vehicle to the place and within the date and time indicated in the contract, with the same accessories or in the same state in which it was received, except for normal wear and tear. If the vehicle is not returned to the Lessor by that date, the Lessor will be able to regain material possession of the vehicle in any way, even against the will of the Customer, and the latter will be required to record the costs incurred.
  17. Anyone who enters the lease in the name or on behalf of a third party is jointly and severally liable for the performance of the obligations set out in these General Conditions. The Customer is responsible, in any case, for the actions and omissions of whoever drives the vehicle.
  18. Exemptions and various disputes: the Lessor is not liable to the Customer or any other person for damages of any nature, including economic damage, suffered by the same in the persons or property due, in an exemplary but not exhaustive way : vehicle breakdowns or malfunctions, thefts, road accidents, riots, earthquakes or causes of force majeure.
  19. The Court of Genoa is competent for any controversy between the parties.
  20. No changes can be made to these General Conditions without the consent of a representative of the Lessor with a suitable written power of attorney.
  21. The signing of the rental contract by the Customer presupposes the knowledge and unconditional acceptance of this regulation, the tariffs, the opening hours and closure of the rental service and conditions of use communicated at the same time as the delivery of the bicycle.
  22. Our bikes are equipped with a “100%” charged battery and any termination of the charge does not imply any responsibility or commitment on the part of seifuori Srl.
  23. Any cancellation of reservations must be notified no later than 48 hours before the agreed date. Failure to cancel within the requested time will result in a partial or partial refund. We reserve the right to modify itineraries and / or timetables for reasons of force majeure (adverse weather conditions etc). Furthermore, the company is not liable for strikes, delays, irregularities due to city traffic or any other kind, damage caused by third parties or force majeure. In the event of exceptional circumstances that prevent the performance of the service, the company will reimburse the entire sum paid, and nothing else.
  24. The company is also not responsible for any theft or loss of objects during the excursions.
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