3 Tips for choosing the right e-bike for you!

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Are you looking for an e-bike but you don’t know how to choose? Well, the right solution is to try it! The electric component is increasingly present within the world of professional bikes, not only as a facilitator, but also to ensure a superior level of experience and performance.


Our e-bikes, in fact, are signed by Olmo, a pillar in the production of quality bicycles completely Made in Italy.


But how to choose the bike that’s right for you? Here are three simple tips.



The first aspect to consider is your own preparation. It is important to be aware of the personal physical condition, but also and above all, of the cycling experience.

If we are used to using a bicycle for daily commuting, an e-city will certainly be a good solution. If we are used to weekend trips, an e-mountain bike – or a gravel bike – is for us. If, on the other hand, we are prepared because we go out by bike every day and do many kilometers, well surely the right solution is an e-road.



Where do you usually cycle? In the city, on the street, in the mountains, on a mixed track? For every occasion, there is the bike for you: a city in the city, a road on the road, a MTB in the mountains, a Gravel on a mixed track.



What will you need the bike for? What would you like to do with it? Is it for everyday use or are you planning to start – or continue – seriously pedaling? Here too, each bike has its purpose!


In short, there are some for all occasions. But before buying it is always good to test! Why not do it with a rental? Click HERE and discover the bike you are looking for!

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