Lo Scalo and Seifuori

Together, to explore Liguria

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The Seifuori family grows and today we present our partnership with Lo Scalo.

Lo Scalo is an institution in Nervi: a Canoe and Kayak center in the heart of Genoa. A magical place, in which to share the love for sport together with expert guides. A reference for anyone who wants to practice this activity, offered in several formulas: courses, excursions, stage in the river and much more.


We at Seifuori share the values ​​of Lo Scalo, as well as the love for sport, the passion for exploration and for our land. Let’s put it this way: we are the land version of Lo Scalo! And Lo Scalo, is the water version of Seifuori!


But how does this partnership works? Simple: for all Lo Scalo customers we have reserved a dedicated discount on all our services and experiences. And, consequently, all Seifuori customers will have dedicated discounts on Lo Scalo services and experiences.


Nice is not it? We are waiting for you!

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