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Outdoor Team Building activities – such as orienteering – are particularly effective tools for improving relations between colleagues: they facilitate a climate of trust both within the work team and with respect to the company itself.

If well structured, these activities are designed ad hoc according to specific objectives in order to improve the performance of their employees within the daily work activity.

Our passion for nature and the technical preparation that distinguishes us – combined with psycho-sociological skills – allow us to offer specific team building activities for your company.

By targeting the goal to be achieved from time to time, it is possible to create specific experiences, according to the final purpose of the event, such as: improving the predisposition to work in a team, optimizing leadership skills, or even working on decision-making skills. of individuals in stressful and difficult conditions.


A typical day begins with a briefing on the activities to be carried out, providing the related tools to use (map, compass, timing system, etc.).

Participants are then divided into teams – or pairs – and the activity begins, designed according to the required objectives.

At the end, we meet for a debrief, in order to share the experience and evaluate the ways in which the teams have collaborated and dealt with the unexpected.


There are several scenarios for using orienteering.

In the case of new groups that are not yet close-knit, it is generally preferred to focus on more “protected” situations, such as a city or city parks, where it is possible to focus mainly on the difficulty of collaboration and mutual trust.

For already established teams or for those who will be called to make decisions in critical situations, it is ideal to raise the level of difficulty by practicing in wilder environments, such as the crests of our Apennines or in the woods, where unexpected events such as weather variability o the need to leave the path and create traces of connection with limited points of reference, put the participants in situations of greater stress, which require better problem solving skills, concentration and – in the case of the group – the ability of the leader to keep it stress and anxiety below a threshold of comfort.


Why do team building?

Orienteering is an effective method for carrying out important tasks within companies.

Through the outdoor practice of flexible activities, specific objectives can be achieved that improve both the performance and the individual satisfaction of the employee.


Do you want an example of goals that we can achieve together? Here they are!











Safety first of all!

All activities are organized in complete safety and in compliance with current regulations. The difficulties are mainly related to the ability of individuals to collaborate within the group. No particular athletic training is required to participate in the experience. Physical skills are not a discriminating factor for the task. However, suitable sportswear is required according to the specific experience.


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