3 tips for a greener way of life

How to pick your electric scooter


3 tips for a greener way of life. Scooters are an ever more valid alternative for urban mobility: an excellent environementally friendly way to move around the city, but how do you pick the right scooter?

1 technical characteristics

From the simplest to the most complicated ones, a lot of models exist. It’s important to consider their caracteristics to understand which ones suit your needs. If, for example, your itinerary to work includes using both the scooter and public transportation, the option to fold it will be essential. Dimensions and the adjustability of the handlebar will also have to be considered in relation to your height in order to use it a safe and comfortable way.

2 range

It’s important to pick a scooter with enough range to cover your needs, to avoid any inconveniences.

3 maintenance

A scooter’s maintenance operations are generally much simpler than a bike’s, but still necessary. Make sure you consider the scooter’s maintenance difficulty when you pick one.

Those were our 3 tips to pick a scooter, but here’s a final one: try your scooter before you buy it. Seifuori has some of the best e-scooters on the market. Why not test one of them?


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