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Are you familair with triathlon? Here are our tips to get started.


Triathlon is a relatively young sport: it was born from a friendly bet in 1977. This discipline spread a lot in the last few years thanks to a new approach to sports: athletes -both professional and amateurs- focus less and less on a single discipline, practicing various activities instead.


Despite the appearances, triathlon’s variety of formats and lengths makes it accessible to everybody: it isn’t an activity for professionals only, but a healthy and prepatory practice, with a great capacity to form communities.


What  sports are part of a thriatlon? Swimming, cycling and running. The olympic race format is as follows: 1500m swimming, 40km cycling, 10km running. Today many other formats exist, making this discipline far more accessible. For example Supersprint (400m, 10km, 2,5km) and Minithriatlon (200m, 6km, 1,5km)


So our first advice is to explore Triathlon with no fear of difficulty. The beauty of this discipline is the variety of activities it offers.


Our second advice is to get started with a group. Try getting some professional advice to get started on the right foot. Don’t get anxious about your performance though.


That’s how we set up our Triathlon camps: four days full of fun and activities, to try out all the sports that make up this discipline.


Just come with a group of similarly trained friends and we’ll do the rest! We can customise it for all necessities!

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