4 tips to get back on track after the summer holidays

Seifuori Team Building: start things off on the right foot and reach your goals!

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Was your return from the holidays traumatic? Don’t worry! Here are 4 tips to start things off on the right foot after the summer holidays.


1 Organise your objectives.

Take a breather to get back on track and sort things out. What are your medium and long-term objectives this year? Organize your schedule, list your objectives and tasks. Do it before you even check your emails!


2 Check your activities and deadlines.

Once your objectives are set, check and sort your schedule, open your emails and organise your short-term activities.


3 Spend time with your team.

Take some time straight away to meet your work team. A good informal meeting to take stock of the situation is the ideal way to start things off on the right foot.


4 Set up a team building event.

The best way to complete your tasks and reach your goals is to spend some productive time with your team. Seifuori organizes orienteering activities for this very purpose.

Orienteering activities are a powerful tool to reinforce your team spirit and reach your goals.


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