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Seifuori is a passion for sport, especially for outdoor sports.

True, we have a weakness for the bike. In fact, this is mainly what we are concerned with.

We have an incredible bike park – completely signed by Olmo – and we offer a rental service to allow you to travel the length and breadth of our Liguria. You can choose the type of bike you prefer and rent it for as long as you want.

But it doesn’t end there, we can take you around Liguria! In fact, we have an incredible tour package, suitable for all tastes, but also for all types of athletes: from good food experts to bike experts! In fact, you can choose between very light and fun routes, or you can focus on more demanding activities.

But Seifuori is not just bikes.

We also like to organize different activities. For example, have you ever heard of orienteering? Here, imagine doing it as a Team Building activity. For your work group, for your company, for yourself: Seifuori team building is what you need to improve in personal and professional terms, but also to achieve specific goals.

Do you want more? Well, we also organize amazing training camps! Just contact us and we will prepare a weekend where you can combine outdoor activities and good Ligurian food. What we will do? We can decide it together, according to your wishes and your athletic training!

How about? do you like the idea?

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