Team Building in Liguria

When outdoor activity becomes the secret weapon for success!


Outdoor Team Building activities are particularly effective tools for improving relations between colleagues: they facilitate a climate of trust both within the work team and with respect to the company itself.

Did you know that – if well structured – these activities can be organized to achieve a specific goal? For example: implementing the problem solving approach, promoting the decision making process, improving time management, teamwork, and much more.

We at Seifuori organize Team Building activities (outdoors of course) by precisely targeting the goal to be achieved and designing the experience according to the purpose defined together. Like? Through Orienteering! What better way to foster the harmony of a team.

In addition to the final purpose of the experience, it is also important to analyze the team to which it is addressed: if it is a new work group, we tend to prefer simpler activities, to focus on collaboration between individuals. If, on the other hand, it is a close-knit team, we have fun creating more difficult situations, to really test you!


How does the experience work? Well, the main moments are 3:

. the briefing, in which we define together the activities to be carried out and provide you with all the necessary tools;

. the division into teams that will then give life to the experience;

. the final debriefing, in which together we will evaluate the results and any unforeseen events.


Are you curious? Do you have such an experience in mind for your team? Write to us!

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