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E-Bike for sale (new & used). Are you desperately looking for a bike but can’t find the right one? Are the waiting times far too long? We’re on it! Seifuori renews its bike fleet every year, so we’re selling our e-bikes, they’re good as new! Let’s find out about them!

Mountain Bikes

Let’s start with the mountain bikes! We have two ideal off-road models: the E-VIDA Full and the E-Kolt with the new 90NM 711wh Polini Engine, both by Olmo. The these bikes’ electrical aids are ideal for extreme experiences, or for those who want to have some fun without exhausting themselves. You can find all about the E.Kolt’s characteristics by clicking here, the E-VIDA’s are HERE.

Road Bikes

Do you enjoy road cycling? We’ve got the right bike for you: our Slalom Sport by Olmo is the perfect choice. The electrical aid will help you increase both fun and the distances you cover. You can check the Slalom Sport’s characteristics by clicking HERE.

City Bikes

Do you like Bicycle touring? Are you looking for an e-bike for your daily commute? We’ve got it! Discover the Vico TRK by clicking HERE.


You’re not into bikes? We’ve got e-scooters as well! Our Xiaomi Mi365 is an urban e-scooter, well suited for your daily movements. Find out about it HERE!

Our vehicles are ready for you. Call us or write an email to find out our prices, book a bike, you won’t regret it!

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