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Have you decided to spend a holiday in Genoa? In the far east of the ‘Superba’, you will find, in all its elegance, Nervi, a village more than a neighborhood, isolated from traffic and city chaos, located between the hills of Sant’Ilario and the Ligurian Sea.

But what can you find in this particular zone? First of all, the famous Parks of Nervi, located in a vast green area formed by expanses and gardens characterized by a typically Mediterranean flora, so palms, conifers and pines, to mention the most famous tree species.

the Parks of Nervi are also home to important cultural events, such as the Nervi Music Ballet Festival and museum visits inside its villas.

How not to mention the Passeggiata ‘Anita Garibaldi’, entirely overlooking the sea and perfect for a relaxing walk, especially during sunset: it starts from the Porticciolo, where the traditional Ligurian gozzi are moored, and it ends in Capolungo, picturesque bay still inhabited by the last fishermen in the area, as well as the last beach of the town of Genoa to the east, between Nervi and Sant’Ilario.

Capolungo is precious for us in Seifuori, because here we organize our activities with SUP (Stand Up Paddle): exploration of small beaches, hidden coves and seabeds in the company of an expert marine biologist, courses to learn to paddle and aperitifs accompanied by Ligurian products.

To make you understand how complete Nervi is, in addition to boasting of large parks, romantic walks and picturesque beaches, there are, immediately behind the neighborhood, the blue and pristine lakes (called ‘Laghetti di Nervi’) completely immersed in nature; in the range of our proposals we offer the opportunity to reach them in trekking mode, and then relax at the destination reached by taking a bath.

Riviera di Levante

You do not want to settle and want, therefore, to visit the other pearls of the Riviera di Levante? We always do for you! Forget about travelling by car, train, bus, boat: we will try, starting from Nervi on board our E-bikes, in different tours that include the main tourist destinations of Liguria. These tours will see the protagonist of the Via Aurelia, state road that runs along the sea and from which you will notice, along it, the postcard views that gives: crosses the towns of Golfo Paradiso, that is Bogliasco, Pieve Ligure, Sori, Recco, where we organize the Apero-Bike at sunset.

Continuing, Camogli and the beautiful Portofino (with its Park) are the destination of our experiences both E-bike and trekking; same speech for some of the famous Cinque Terre (Vernazza, Corniglia and Manarola)in which you will have the opportunity to taste the finest wines of Liguria, such as Cinque Terre Bianco DOC and Sciacchetrà, and get to know the surrounding territory.

In summer do you suffer from the heat so much that you want to venture only in the evening? Here, too, we make your case: excursion, entirely off road, on the heights of Nervi and Sant’Ilario in night version!

Historic centre and Ligurian hinterland

We only talked about the Riviera di Levante… the old town and the hinterland, instead?

  • Starting from our Nervi, we will move towards the historic centre of Genoa, one of the largest and most important in Europe, for a unique experience of orienteering, visiting its alleys (‘caruggi” in Genoese) in a different and fun way.
  • As for the niche beauties of the Ligurian hinterland, we focus on the Regional Natural Park of Antola and the path that crosses it, the Antica Via del Sale.


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