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Finale Ligure, beautiful town of the Riviera di Ponente (or Riviera delle Palme) thanks to its golden sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and the suggestive old town, offers a perfect combination of natural beauty, outdoor activities and historical culture.

Going towards Finale, from east to west, you will certainly not be indifferent to Varigotti, a fascinating seaside village, known for: the Spiaggia del Malpasso, bordered by imposing cliffs and hills covered with Mediterranean vegetation; the Baia of Saraceni, small pebble cove surrounded by high rocky headlands; its public beach, framed by picturesque colorful fishermen’s houses that create a unique atmosphere. All these beaches offer a breathtaking panoramic view, with the waters of the Ligurian Sea extending to the horizon.

Coming back to talk about Finale, it is composed of three urban centres: Finalmarina, Finalpia and Finalborgo.

Finalmarina and Finalpia are focused more on a seaside tourism, perfect for relaxing in the sun, take a refreshing swim and enjoy water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, SUP, snorkeling and more.

Finalborgo is, instead, the medieval heart of Finale Ligure: here, in fact, you can explore the characteristic alleys with pastel-colored houses and the ancient squares, visit the small artisan shops and enjoy Ligurian cuisine in traditional restaurants; the main places of interest are the Basilica of San Biagio, the Convento of Santa Caterina (inside which there is the Archaeological Museum of the Finale) and Forte San Giovanni, which dominates Finale.

Finale Ligure Outdoor activities

In addition to the previously mentioned water sports, Finale Ligure offers the opportunity to practice many other outdoor activities. Not for nothing it is considered one of the most important places in the sector at European level: excursions on foot, climbing and, even, equestrian sports; how not to mention the activities regarding E-mtb, by definition those most requested and popular, accessible 365 days a year and suitable for all levels of difficulty.

All this thanks to the surrounding area, characterized by numerous cliffs and rocky walls, a hilly countryside and scenic paths that extend to the hinterland.

If we talk about outdoor, we at Seifuori can not help but feel involved: among the proposed tours, we offer a unique and engaging experience in E-mtb in Finale.

But it doesn’t end here! In this area you will also find several prehistoric cavities, such as the Arma della Mànie, located behind Varigotti, the Grotta dell’Edera and the Grotta Pollera below, and the Caverna of the Arene Candide towards Borgio Verezzi (also famous for its homonymous Grotte), all perfect for an underground exploration experience in the company of expert guides.

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