Everything you don’t know yet about Seifuori

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Everything you don’t know yet about Seifuori. Who said Seifuori only deals in bikes? Sure, the e-bikes are one of our greatest passions, but they’re not the only one.


Autumn is the perfect season to walk on the ligurian headlands. We’ve planned both day-long activities and longer excursions with overnight stays in cabins. A must-try.


Raise your hand if you often get lost. Orienteering is a fun activity that will help you work on your perception of yourself and the space around you. When done with a group, it’s even better. Here at Seifuori, we think this discipline might help you build your team: our teambuilding excursions are based on orienteering activities. A great way to form fruitful bonds and improve efficiency in the workplace as well.


Disclaimer! We aren’t professional triathlon trainers, but we are passionate about its three component sports: cycling, swimming and running. That’s why we came up with our Triathlon Camp: 4 days of sports, fun and gastronomy together, alternating between the disciplines. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a trained athlete to take part, we plan all activities based on your level of preparation.

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