MTB winter rides

Let’s debunk the myth that you can’t cycle in winter.


MTB winter rides. Who said you can’t cycle during winter? Actually you just have to take some simple measures and you won’t have to abandon your Mountain Bike, even during the coldest days.

Let’s begin with the simplest tips: bundle up! First of all you need to cover your extremities: your hands, feet and head must be kept warm with quality equipment, tested for low temperatures. Keep some plastic bags at hand as well: if the weather gets too cold you might want to add them to your other protections.

Balaclavas and neckwarmers are essential to cover your nose, neck and mouth.

You should protect the rest of your body with appropriate clothes, suitable for MTB activities. Many brands offer quality products for this, we suggest checking Shimano’s apparel.

Lights are another important aspect: both frontal and rear ones, you need to always be well lit. Turning them on even during daytime can’t hurt either.

Finally: don’t forget to recharge! Always keep some snacks at hand, more than you usually would. Our bodies spend a lot of energy to keep warm in the cold. Compensate this effort with energy bars as well as keeping yourselves well hydrated.

Nothing is impossible if you prepare it carefully! And if you are looking for an E-MTB for your winter rides, click HERE!

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