The cableway between Principe and Forte Begato

Some information on the cableway that will connect Principe and Forte Begato


The cableway between Principe and Forte Begato

The cableway between Principe and Forte Begato, designed by none other than the architect of the famous Skyway of Mont Blanc in collaboration with major companies in the construction of ropeway installations and civil-industrial engineering, should start to see the light in September 2024: it will be a plant along a total of 2.5 km for a difference in altitude of 450 meters.

In all probability, to reach the Fort you will need to make a change of cabin in the intermediate stop of Lagaccio.

Starting approximately from the square of the Principe metro, you will be able to reach, in cabins with a capacity of 60 passengers, the fort in just 10 minutes: in fact, the stop will be near the entrance of the fort.

The main purpose of the cableway is to facilitate the achievement of the fort, offering a convenient, fast and scenic means of transport, and to improve the tourist attractiveness of the area, expanding, therefore, the already frequent interest for the city also for the forts and the genoese heights…

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