Genoa European Capital of Sport 2024

It will be protagonist in 2024 regarding to the world of Sport

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Genoa European Capital of Sport 2024

In 2024, after Milan in 2009 and Turin in 2015, Genoa will be the third Italian city to become the European Capital of Sport: the award of this title was announced in 2020 by the Federation of European Capitals and Cities of Sport (ACES Europe).

This title has been obtained for having demonstrated, over the years, a solid sports tradition and a constant commitment in promoting physical activity among the people of the Ligurian capital.

The main objective will be to encourage sport sharing, so that it involves both professional athletes and amateurs, thereby creating opportunities of participation for all age groups and skill levels and, therefore, supporting the values of sport: solidarity, integration and fair play;

in detail, initiatives concerning women’s sport and the inclusion of people with disabilities will be favoured, underlining the importance of accessibility and equality in sport.

Genoa will engage to promote sport locally and internationally, hosting numerous major events that include competitions of various disciplines, such as football, basketball, athletics, swimming, cycling, etc. and, of course, also the outdoor ones, that we at Seifuori have at heart.

Training programmes, conferences, seminars and workshops will also be organised to raise awareness of the influence of sport on physical and mental health.

Logically, this event will be an additional means for Genoa to show its hospitality, welcoming visitors from all over Europe and making known the city and its immense culture.

Outdoor = Sport

Reopening the outdoor topic, Righi and neighboring areas will be home to practice trekking and e-bike excursions, so as to focus activities not only in the city, but also in the heights of Genoa, characterized by the old forts and lots of greenery: we will not miss!

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