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Discover the Mountain Bike Course: Become an Off-Road Cycling Expert!

Are you ready to transform your cycling experience and get closer to nature? Join our Mountain Bike Course, a comprehensive full-immersion experience designed to teach you how to move agilely and safely on trails and dirt roads.

What Will You Learn in Our MTB Course?

This is a beginner course for those who want to safely and enjoyably enter the world of mountain biking.

It covers fundamental concepts, including bike knowledge and basic riding techniques.

MTB Course Program:

  • Bike Introduction and Adjustment
  • Correct Position on the Bike: Focus on posture and positioning
  • Riding and Effective Braking Techniques
  • First Trail Approaches: Learn to handle various terrains safely
  • Optimal Use of E-MTBs

In a controlled area, we will practice essential techniques such as correct positioning and posture, braking, gear shifting, and navigating curves. These skills are crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

Next, we’ll put what we’ve learned into practice on an easy trail around Righi. Instructors will always be present to provide support and useful advice.

Why Should You Enroll?

This course is ideal for those taking their first steps into the world of MTB. It is designed to provide a personalized approach, adapting to the needs and experience level of each participant. Our expert instructors will guide you step-by-step, ensuring that every technique is learned safely and correctly.

This way, you’ll gain the confidence needed to tackle any off-road trail!

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to cycle while admiring Genoa from above, enjoying breathtaking views of the entire city.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to start your adventure in the world of mountain biking!

Book Now. We look forward to a day of fun, learning, and adventure with you!

MTB Course Meeting Point and Time

Meeting Time: 9:30 AM at Genova Righi (Last stop of the Zecca-Righi funicular)

Please notice:

  • The places available are limited to make the excursion more exclusive.
  • The minimum height requirement to participate is 1.50 meters.
  • The excursion requires basic knowledge of handling an electric bike. For all other information, see the Terms & Conditions.

Each tour is different, to allow you to find exactly the experience you want.