Red Bull Cerro Abajo: the most adrenaline-pumping event is coming to Genoa

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We are thrilled to announce that Seifuori will be the official partner of Red Bull for the most adrenaline-pumping and extreme event of the year: the Cerro Abajo in Genoa 2024.

Spectacular Stunts at the Red Bull Cerro Abajo in Genoa 2024 Amidst the Palazzi dei Rolli
Spectacular Stunts at the Red Bull Cerro Abajo in Genoa 2024 Amidst the Palazzi dei Rolli

This will be a historic event because, for the first time, the Red Bull Cerro Abajo will take place outside South America, with Italy having the honor of hosting this debut outside the Latin American continent.

The course we have designed together with the Red Bull team will wind through the most iconic places in the city, which is perfectly suited to host the track of the world’s most spectacular and extreme urban downhill race. There is a strong connection between “La Superba” (Genoa) and the birthplace of the competition, Valparaíso, known as the Genoa of the Pacific, both for the similarity in urban architecture and the many Genoese who have moved there.

Incredible jumps and stunts, dizzying descents, alleyways, creuze, and staircases, all set in the unique atmosphere that only Genoa can offer, thanks to its characteristic historic center.

We are eagerly anticipating this event and are ready to experience with you a unique event in the heart of our beautiful city, which this year will be the European Capital of Sport 2024.

Top 30 Riders to Compete at Red Bull Cerro Abajo in Genoa. The event will feature 30 of the world’s top riders, who will compete in a breathtaking descent through Genoa’s historic streets and picturesque alleys. Among the participants will be Tomáš Slavík, one of the veterans of this competition, with numerous titles and medals.


Slavík, originally from the Czech Republic, recently visited our city, stating that:
Tomáš Slavík Explores Our City from an Unusual Perspective
Tomáš Slavík Explores Our City from an Unusual Perspective

“From the first time I was in Genoa, especially in the upper part of the course, it felt like I was in Valparaíso: the slopes and the width of the streets are very similar. The goal for all of us will be to win: usually, I am used to competing in South America against local athletes. This time we will be in Europe and it will feel like playing at home, let’s see how the South American riders will fare.”

The event is scheduled from October 18 to 20. This first European edition of the epic Cerro Abajo series is set to become the most iconic event in the downhill mountain biking scene in Italy.

Soon, we will reveal the Red Bull Cerro Abajo track, so make sure to follow us on our social channels and the official website to stay updated on all the news. Together with Red Bull, we will bring energy and competitive spirit to new levels, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for all participants and spectators.

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